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A Floodplain Manager's Guide to Flooding in Philadelphia

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Virtual on Zoom


Flooding is the #1 natural hazard to affect Philadelphia.  Josh Lippert will provide an overview of flood types, NFIP, as well as historic and recent flood events.  Attendees will learn about various initiatives to integrate flood management in preparedness, response, and recovery.  Non-structural mitigation activities such as land-use planning and zoning/building codes will be highlighted as ways DAG members can advocate, plan, design, and build a more flood resilient Philadelphia.  


You can view the recording of this event HERE.

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Josh Lippert, APA, ASLA, CFM

Josh Lippert is the Floodplain Manager for City of Philadelphia and the chair of the City's Flood Risk Management Task Force.  He also serves on the Pennsylvania Association of Floodplain Managers board as vice chair.  His background is in landscape architecture and environmental planning, with work in the private sector as well as with the City of Pittsburgh.