Monthly Event

Highrises Art Deco: Jazz Age Skyscrapers from a New Perspective


Thursday, September 5, 2024

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM


Center for DesignPhiladelphia - 1218 Arch Street


See details of stylish skyscrapers across America as you’ve never seen them before with the authors of the new book, Highrises: Art Deco. Using drone photography and digital enhancement, Philadelphia artist Chris Hytha showcases the intricate and ornate details of iconic Art Deco buildings, while writer and researcher Mark Houser recounts the history of each one and the fascinating personalities behind their construction.



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Mark Houser

Mark Houser is an author and speaker who specializes in historic skyscrapers and the stories of the architects and tycoons who built them. Nearly 2,000 people have gone on his skyscraper rooftop tours in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

Chris Hytha

Chris Hytha is a designer and visual artist with a passion for photography and a degree in architecture from Drexel University. For the past decade his work has centered around the built environment, with an emphasis on digital editing.