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Take the Lane 2024: Expanding opportunities for more placemaking in the Right of Way

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Thursday, May 2, 2024

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Missed it? Watch it HERE.


Placemaking in the Right of Way (ROW) presents unique challenges to communities and placemakers. On May 2, StreetBoxPHL, the Community Design Collaborative (the Collaborative), and other advocates will high-light three new public space proposals, and three new policy proposals that will bring equity and innovation to city streets. 


Joining the discussion will be Jesse Blitzstein, the Collaborative's Economic Development Director, who will discuss three pedestrian plaza and how they illustrate the unique challenges faced with designing public spaces in thd ROW, Alex Gilliam, the Co-Founder TinyWPA, who will demonstrate the importance of pilots in placemaking and describe a vision for a short term pilot permit, Nate Hommel, new DAG Steering Committee member and Director of Planning and Design for the University City District, who will be introducing a permit just for them, and Tya Winn, the Executive Director of the Collaborative, who will articulate the need for a Design Manual, making it easier for communities to steward public spaces in city Streets. 


The discussion will be moderated by Ariel Ben-Amos, the StreetBoxPHL Founder.


Missed it? Watch it HERE.


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Jesse Blitzstein

Collaborative's Economic Development Director

Alex Gilliam

Co-Founder TinyWPA

Nate Hommel

Nate, Director of Planning and Design for the University City District

Tya Winn

Executive Director of the Collaborative


Ariel Ben-Amos

StreetBoxPHL Founder