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Philadelphia Streeteries (Process + Progress)

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


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Following the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Philadelphia’s Streets saw the emergence of outdoor dining in the form of Streeteries. A temporary solution, Streeteries have gained the love and appreciation of both restaurateurs and diners; as a result, the City of Philadelphia passed legislation to approve the establishment of permanent Streeteries; we as a team were tasked with taking city regulations and reframing it into a package that is clear, effective, and would serve as a resource for anyone interested in building their own Streetery in the city of Philadelphia. Join us as we explain our process of tackling sluggish progress of legislation, making sense of current rules, and the future of Philadelphia’s Streeteries.


Missed it? Watch it HERE.

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David Wangkyu Kim

David Wangkyu Kim is a second-year Master of City Planning Candidate with a concentration in Urban Design at the University of Pennsylvania with an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University. His main interests in the field are urban aesthetics and how social interactions, politics, and time have shaped and continue to shape Cities. He completed the Streeteries project as part of a summer internship program at LRK.

Richard Sodeinde

Richard Sodeinde is a 4th year Bachelor of Architecture student at Penn State. After completing his thesis next year he will decide whether to pursue a master's degree or go into professional practice somewhere at least 3 hours away from his hometown. He completed the Streeteries project as part of a summer internship program at LRK.