DAG Dispatch

By Lachelle Weathers, DAG Fellow

Start the week off with a wrap up of Philadelphia area news, public proposals, and happenings in the world of design, architecture, and planning. Follow us @designadvocacy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to our email list to keep up with DAG Dispatch. Articles are shared to spark dialogue and keep our members informed, and do not represent DAG’s endorsement of an idea or project.

SEPTA operators may soon go on strike…This will cause a halt in transportation around the city but some locals are in support of their efforts, or at least Matt Sullivan at Plan Philly does. Be prepared to bring out your bikes, start carpooling and using ride shares as things may shift for the fall and winter in Philadelphia!


Philadelphia has a certain historical charm with the many architectural gems across the city. If you’ve walked around you may have noticed at least one building done by Philip H. Johnson, the architect that swindled the city. 


The Carousel House is still under debate. After news of it’s closure, local residents and members of the community protested as its the only rec center in Philly for people with disabilities. City officials stated that the reason for closing was due to a lack of attention for the facility and wanting all rec centers to be more inclusive. It is confirmed that the Carousel House will be torn down but Parks and Rec say that the new facility will be larger and still keep all programming for disabled people. Great news for the Carousel House Advisory Council!


A 327 unit apartment building is on the rise! The surface lot adjacent to West Catholic High School was recently zoned for residential construction. Although we may not know what the proposal looks like, this new construction may be great news for the members of West Catholic High School.


Just one subway stop to the north in East Kensington, it looks like some more residential density is on the horizon! A 52 unit adaptive reuse project with an artisan space and roof deck has just been issued zoning permits for a six story build.