DAG Dispatch

By Lachelle Weathers, DAG Fellow

Start the week off with a wrap up of Philadelphia area news, public proposals, and happenings in the world of design, architecture, and planning. Follow us @designadvocacy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to our email list to keep up with DAG Dispatch. Articles are shared to spark dialogue and keep our members informed, and do not represent DAG’s endorsement of an idea or project.

The world is returning to some sense of normalcy as the pandemic subsides. However, it is changing the transformed culture of bars and restaurants around the city. Cocktails can no longer be sold to go and outdoor dining must return to pre-pandemic levels. What does that mean for the “streeteries” that popped up in popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia? 


Parkway Corporation, a Philadelphia parking garage operation and developer, is seeking millions more from the state to fund a downtown office tower that has already begun construction. The company was already granted $4 million dollars from the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. State Senator Nikil Saval explained that he was surprised by their visit in the spring for an additional $6 million and felt that they have all the funding they need for the project to be built. 


Will the Don Guanella School property turn into a park? For years, the land, owned by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, has attracted interest from prospective buyers, who lined up with 

plans to clear the forested area so it could be developed. Conversation of potential deforestation have given Delaware county a large interest in preserving the property as public open space. It would be a great asset to Marple Township!


Construction has been booming across the city! Because of this, along with the pandemic, and calls for more housing, policy has been changing. Philadelphia’s city council is voting for more affordable housing around the city as well as legislation that would protect homeowners during construction.

The Kensington neighborhood is continuing to grow! Developers purchased property along Front Street in December and recently zoning permits were issued for a 6-story building with 35 residential units. The project will include commercial space at the ground floor, roof deck and a green roof.