DAG Dispatch

By Lachelle Weathers, DAG Fellow

Start the week off with a wrap up of Philadelphia area news, public proposals, and happenings in the world of design, architecture, and planning. Follow us @designadvocacy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to our email list to keep up with DAG Dispatch. Articles are shared to spark dialogue and keep our members informed, and do not represent DAG’s endorsement of an idea or project.

“OurPlan'' may be the new tool that helps stop Philadelphia neighborhoods from fighting over issues of land use, equity, and fears of displacement when it comes to the introduction of new developments in unused spaces. This tool by Urban Spatial LLC could be a technology that, not only, educates but also potentially prevents gentrification. The future of urban planning is bright! 


The residents of Kensington are upset! The constant neglect and disregard by people of power leave this neighborhood in a cycle to repeat history with less than favorable results. 


There has always been some controversy surrounding the cost of property taxes in Philadelphia. Recently, City Council discussed a new approach dealing with the taxes of real estate that advocates believe to have real potential in lowering assessments for less affluent property owners without reducing the city’s overall haul. Councilmember Green called it “growing out of poverty.”


Kimberly Haas says that the supporters of Montgomery County’s Corson tract are “cautiously optimistic” about saving Abolition Hall from becoming a townhouse development. Only part of the significant history of this particular site is its ties to the path of the Underground Railroad. Abolition Hall was a major stop in Pennsylvania for slaves fighting their way to freedom. 


Philadelphia has been developing several mixed-use buildings across various neighborhoods in the city! Well this is one more to report. Plans for a six story building with 107 residential units are set to replace a 711 in Fishtown.