DAG Dispatch

By Claire Adler, DAG Fellow

Start the week off with a wrap up of Philadelphia area news, public proposals, and happenings in the world of design, architecture, and planning. Follow us @designadvocacy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to our email list to keep up with DAG Dispatch. Articles are shared to spark dialogue and keep our members informed, and do not represent DAG’s endorsement of an idea or project.

A recent court ruling put the Painted Bride’s well-loved mosaic mural at risk of destruction, but the most recent plan would preserve the mural, putting residential units on top of the mural--if the required variance for the project is approved.


Bryheim Murray and Kyle Easley founded a development group, BKP, with an intentionally all Black staff and a focus on mixed-income housing.


Philadelphia is requesting proposals to turn a city-owned lot into a community land trust in South Philadelphia. The same land was named in the FBI case against councilmember Kenyatta Johnson.


ProPublica examined four cities’ attempts to tackle disinvestment: Washington, DC; Newark, New Jersey, Chicago and Pittsburgh and found limitations and lessons to each.


The repeal of the Faircloth amendment, which prohibits any net increase in public-housing units, has been popular among progressives, and could be an important step to addressing the housing crisis.


Advocates argue for changes to the Philadelphia building code to allow for tiny houses as a way to create more affordable homes.


At the end of 2020, Trump signed an executive order requiring civic buildings to be “beautiful” but it did not require any particular style of architecture despite the draft order in February which would have mandated neoclassical architecture.


A Philadelphia resident provides suggestions as to how citizens can shape future development in Philadelphia and suggests volunteering with neighborhood groups and local advocacy organizations and contacting your representatives.

These cool graphics show how stylized metro maps worldwide relate to their true-to-life geography.