Letter to Governor Rendell opposing State control of the zoning and design of gaming establishments

October 3, 2006

Governor Edward G. Rendell

225 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120


Dear Governor Rendell:

We are writing to urge you to veto any legislation that deprives the City of Philadelphia of its right to review and control the development, planning, design and construction of gaming facilities within the City. As our former Mayor, surely you agree that the City is the government entity best positioned to protect the public interest of its all its citizens with regard to issues such as life-safety, traffic, and design quality.


The Task Force convened by Mayor Street did an outstanding job in analyzing the many complex factors to be considered when selecting a site for the development of such gaming facilities. Of particular note is the high level of professional and community involvement solicited by the Task Force as it performed its work. The Design Advocacy Group was honored to have participated in this process.

We believe that a similar Task Force, appointed by the Mayor, should be empowered to work cooperatively with the appropriate City and State agencies to perform the necessary zoning and code reviews of the development plans for these projects.



The Design Advocacy Group of Philadelphia

William P. Becker




Mayor John F. Street

City Council President Anna Verna