DAG Statement on Ad Kiosks

By The Design Advocacy Group


Credit: Dennis Coleman

At its November 1st meeting, The Art Commission gave final approval to a proposal for 100 digital ad kiosks to be placed in Center City and University City.


DAG testified in support of approval​, but only on the basis of a strategic sidewalk plan that involves the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the Streets Department.


DAG anticipated Commission approval of the proposal​ since kiosks will generate revenue for the City and because the City is already under a larger contractual relationship, which was approved unanimously by City Council.


However, for successful implementation, we are advocating for a more intense process to produce a set of design principles that the applicants may use when they explore potential sites.


Although DAG had hoped that the final vote would be delayed, Alan Greenberger, Chair of the Philadelphia Art Commission, did consider the value of this plan. He indicated that the Art Commission will be setting up a process to evaluate criteria for each of the first 100 sites, to ensure that each kiosk is appropriately sited. It’s hoped that this process will continue to be implemented for all future kiosks.

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